10 random facts about me

10 random facts about me


I have been kindly asked by the lovely Candice from Sense & Sensibility to give you 10 random facts about me. Here I go then! Be ready, there is some serious stuff down there.


1. I blush a lot. And the more I’m told that I am blushing, the more I blush. It became a game for many friends of mine actually.

2. My cat is named Coquillette, which literally means elbow pasta.

3. I am afraid of sharks. Like, really afraid. For instance, if I’m on a plane, I won’t be scared of crashing into the ground. No, I will only be scared of crashing into the ocean because it would mean I’d be surrounded by sharks if I survive.

Have I ever been told I would probably not survive the crash if my plane falls into the ocean? Yep, I have. Am I less scared since then? Nope, I am not. Not at all. The only words I retained from the whole sentence were « probably not », which increased my fear.

4. I have worn the same fragrance since I was 16. It’s called Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein and I believe there are less than 10 people in the entire world who have already heard of it. Therefore, I reckon I should buy hundreds of Eternity Moments before Calvin Klein shuts its production down forever.

5. My favourite TV shows are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones and The Mindy Project. And I do think Peter Capaldi is great. Give him some time, we all hate the new doctor at first.

6. I have two little sisters and one little little brother.

7. Olive oil spread on bread is my favourite meal.

8. I am not very good at sports in general.

9. I am a Windows and Android person, not an Apple person (even if I admit Apple products are amazing).

10. Fall is definitely my favourite season. Just like Angéline. And Sarah Jessica Parker.


I now tag my dear Laëtitia at PinkLaety. Have fun !

x Pauline

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