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Morocco, mon amour

  When I planned my road trip in Morocco, I didn’t think four little days out of Paris could seem like weeks on another planet. I didn’t think I would crash my car into a metal fence either but that’s a different story (no one got hurt, if you’re wondering). During these four little days in the South East of the country, we (I travelled with an amazing group of

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London Fashion Week

  London Fashion Week SS15 just ended and I must admit this season is a total success. Not that I’m saying last year was terrible at all : I am always amazed by English fashion. And I actually think I like it as much as French style (yes, I am cheating a bit on my touche française right now. But sometimes I get tired of head-to-toe black. Sometimes, I said. Hedi Slimane does not count).

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Coco & the City

  As much as I wish this French bulldog were mine, it is not. Her name is Coco for Coco Chanel – true story – and she is the happy pet of an English man who kindly let us hold her for a couple of photos. After this short but emotional moment (see my I-cannot-look-happier face above), I am now seriously considering getting a dog. Thanks Coco. Getting back to clothes,

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Green and silver

  Beautiful sunny day in Paris today. Probably the first in ages actually. I must admit it is a bit too warm to wear a 100% wool garment but I balance my body heat by wearing sandals. Yes, it works (at least I believe so!). Metallic accessories remain my biggest summer crush, and the autumn won’t make me give up on that… Until another irresistible trend shows up, obviously. Please notice as

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The quest for the perfect coat

  Summer is over and fall is already upon every girl-that-loves-fashion’s (I promised myself not to use “fashionista”) lips. Whoop whoop! I must say I’m not that disappointed saying au revoir to a really rubbish summer. Plus, I love the autumn. Mostly because I get to choose a new coat (did someone say superficial?). The magical Indian summer plays a big part in my choice of favourite season but, let’s

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First post

  Every blog has its first post and probably every blog owner knows how difficult it is to write the first words down. Therefore, I will just write a typical – yet sincere – welcome text and pass onto the next chapter (which will be more inspired, I hope). I am truly happy you found your way to this website of mine. I wish you have a great time looking through

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