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It was my first time in Berlin and boy how I loved it. This city is so different from the ones I’ve visited before it was a true change of scenery, only two hours away from Paris (well, when Easyjet decides to land on time).

The streets (and the city in general) are so huge we were walking minimum two hours per day. And even if I’m not what you would call a fan of exercise, I must say it is a good way to burn off German grillwurst and halloumi sandwiches – which, by the way, are total treats for the palate.

Another great thing I love about Berlin is its night life. Because, trust me, it is amazing.

Where else would you find clubs opened all weekend ? I mean LITERALLY all weekend. As in if you want to stay there from Friday 10pm to Sunday 10am IT IS (technically, not physically) POSSIBLE.

Yes, my way too expressive excitement/astonishment about it sadly shows how much Paris needs to improve its own night life. Fortunately we’ve got good wine.

Photos : Mathilde L. & I

Outfit : Jumper – Zara / Skirt – Asos / Shoes – Asos / Purse – Monki



Berlin style - Outfit of the day


Berlin look - Outfit of the day




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