Casual Friday

Casual Friday - Casual Friday Outfit


O Friday ! My Friday ! I could write an entire poem about this blessed part of the week if I had more time – or any kind of poetic talent. The best thing about Fridays (except for the two marvellous mornings of sleep coming ahead) is that you get to dress more casual. Jeans and tee-shirt become a common uniform and no one at the office can blame you for wearing it. What a relief.

If I’m passing on the fact that it takes me five entire minutes and a shoehorn to get in, these black high-waisted jeans are my favourite ever. I like to pair them with a basic grey tee (or a white one when I get a little crazy) and light jewelry (this necklace is also one of my fave items). And to avoid dropping by my flat before going out after a long day of work, I choose these platform shoes. They are so comfortable to walk in I can easily wear them from morning to late night. Voilà, I’ve avoided five stairs climbing. Clever moi.

x Pauline

Photos : Angéline B.

Outfit : Jeans – Monki / Tee-shirt – H&M / Shoes – Asos / Necklace – Cherished present from Australia

Casual Friday - Casual Friday Outfit

Casual Friday - Casual Friday Outfit

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