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Leather pants

  When I decided to move to England, I first thought my daily life would be filled with tea times and biscuits. But after a week accross the sea, I realised cupcakes would be a big part of it too. In one week time, I have already established my headquarters in this too-English-to-be-true Primrose bakery. The waitress doesn’t know my name yet, but I can assure you she will by

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Weekend favourites

  As much as I am keen on staying in bed and watching movies all weekend – I reckon I’ve made myself pretty clear about that -, I also love walking around in the streets of Paris, and having lunch/brunch/coffee in my favourite places in the city (food, always). After introducing you to Les Chouettes, let me now take you to La Fourmi Ailée. A typical French restaurant decorated with shelves full

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Les Chouettes

  Angéline and I went for a drink right after work the other day and discovered this lovely place. Les Chouettes is a café-restaurant located in Le Marais and is definitely worth stepping by (the hot chocolate made with real chocolate cream is one of the main reasons why). The white fences and whole design makes me think of the Titanic – or any kind of boat actually. The only thing

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