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Patent skirt #2

   This is me acting like I’m not totally FREEZING in the London cold. You’d certainly see goose bumps on my arms if you’d zoom. … Photos: Leslie T. Outfit: Jumper – Uniqlo / Skirt – Zara (old) / Shoes – Sarenza / Bag – Zara  

Winter colours

  Let’s clarify something right now: I will NOT be in New York City this week. Not that I haven’t been invited at all, I am only too busy growing out my fringe and wandering around in leather pants (which requires more attention than you might think). I’m sure Victoria won’t take it personally.  Regarding my translucent hand on the next photo, let’s just say London is not the best place to

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Grey faux fur

  Yes, this grey faux fur coat is as comfy and soft as it looks like. Do I need to say I will probably wear it in the next 5 posts?  I think not. … Photos: Diane S. Outfit: Coat – New Look on Asos / Top – Asos / Skirt – Asos (note to self: try other e-shops. Or at least pretend to) / Shoes – Asos (ok, it’s

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Night shot

  One of the reasons I am excited for summer to finally come is that I will be able to take pictures after five without having red eyes. I could have waited for the morning though – and a proper light. But truth is I was wearing this gorgeous vintage buttoned suede skirt for the third day (almost) in a row, and it was time to shoot it before I

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Leather pants

  When I decided to move to England, I first thought my daily life would be filled with tea times and biscuits. But after a week accross the sea, I realised cupcakes would be a big part of it too. In one week time, I have already established my headquarters in this too-English-to-be-true Primrose bakery. The waitress doesn’t know my name yet, but I can assure you she will by

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Twilight blur

.. Finally settled down in London! After a week of flat viewings in dodgy neighbourhoods, I found the perle rare in Columbia road (Those of you who know the area also know its lovely (yet crowded) flower market). Though it is literally impossible to walk faster than 2meters/min through its stalls, the place is one of my favourites in the city so far. After an hour spent bargaining roses, tulips and

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Bon voyage

     Today is my last day in Paris (and I’ve almost finished packing). Tomorrow I’ll be moving to London and getting amazed by every single street, shop, pavement and clean tube station. I am beyond excited about this life change – but I wish I could look three months ahead to check whether everything is alright… or not. L’aventure!, as we say here.  Anyway, you’ll get some news very

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Cool sunglasses

   I have finally found the perfect sunglasses to suit my very long face shape – and trust me, that’s not an easy thing to do -, thanks to Randolph USA.  I like them so much I might just wear them all the time now. Even at night. Or in the rain.  Have a great week everyone! Outftit: Cashmere jumper – Uniqlo / Jeans – Cheap Monday / Boots – Asos (old)

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Paris s’éveille

  The sun was slowly rising when Angéline and I shot these photos in the streets of Paris this morning. And it made me think of a great vintage song I’m sharing with you today. Mr Jacques Dutronc’s « Il est cinq heures Paris s’éveille » (« It’s 5am, Paris awakens » for those of you who don’t feel comfortable with using Google Translate). He’s a great artist – and also used to be Françoise

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Chalet life part 2

  Now I am back in Paris, I miss this landscape terribly. More than a beautiful place to wake up to, it (and its cold weather) also remains a relevant excuse to wear my faux fur all the time. Do I have to precise having it on feels like being hugged by a bear (weird comparison, I’ll give you that)? I think not. Bring the cold, Paris – I’m waiting

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