Blue wave

denim pencil skirt - navy blue - asos


I can still remember very well the day I swore to my young 14 year-old self that I would never ever wear any kind of clothes my teachers could pick.

Fortunately (or not), I grew up. And I also learned that fashion is an endless circle that was bound to bring Mrs D’s famous denim pencil skirt back – even if it had won by far the « worst item » award at the time.

My apologies, mini me, but I fell into the trap. And I must say I do like the cut, especially worn in this dark shade of blue with a large navy jumper to balance its close fit.

Maybe Mrs D was an avant-gardiste after all.

Photos : Diane S.

Outfit : Skirt – Asos / Jumper – Zara (old) / Shoes – Topshop / Baf – Monoprix (old) 


denim pencil skirt - navy blue - asos

denim pencil skirt - navy blue - asos

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