denim trends 2015This summer is all about denim. We’ve been warned by every worthy fashion blog, magazine and Instagram account this planet counts, and we know we cannot avoid it.

The question now remains: how to pick a nice, chic, elegant – or anything but tacky – denim look without resembling Brit-Brit and Justin back in the 00s? (love you, guys)

…denim trends 2015


Yet I don’t pretend being a mystical oracle in terms of style, I can give you some tips not to find yourself on this sliding slope:

– Keep it simple and don’t be afraid of mixing blue shades. Less is certainly more, but more may also be more (does that make sense to anyone?)

– Choose basics, and layer up.

– Copy every single outfit I’ve posted here, they’re faux-pas free.

denim trends 2015Bonus pour la route: Here are my favourite pieces from the high street brands. Feel free to empty their stocks.

denim trends 2015Jeans – Topshop / Skirt – Asos / Dress – & Other Stories

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