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With such a cold weather outside (I’m talking so much about it I’m starting to think I’ve become English), I truly wish I could wear a duvet as a proper outfit. I know, only a few days ago I was proudly saying that winter would’nt get me to stop dressing up with short bottoms. But I guess 6 degrees in the morning made me change my mind. At least for today. Tomorrow, I’ll wear two pairs of tights and will fight the cold.

Anyway, here is the point : as much as I want to feel warm and comfortable all day, I would also like not to look like a giant cushion. Therefore, I managed to layer up lace with my comfy coat. A great trick (maybe not as great as Cristiano Ronaldo scoring against Liverpool tonight – but that’s another story) that will make me look a bit more feminine without turning into ice.

Photos : Angéline B.

Outfit : Top – Asos / Jeans – Monki / Shoes – Asos / Purse – Monki / Coat – Sinéquanone / Nail polish – Peggy Sage


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Lace top

Lace top

Lace top


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