5 New Years resolutions I truly want to take – but will obviously not

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2014 was great, but 2014 is gone. Au revoir Aufeminin.com, Uber pop and FIFA World Cup, bonjour London, flare jeans and Rugby World Cup. I know my sports calendar.

2015 looks very hopeful in terms of success – and so do my New Years resolutions.

I wish.

Every single year I write a list of those things I want to achieve/get rid of through the next 12 months, and every single year I fail desperately in executing them. Not because of a lack of skills – I’m trying to convince myself as much as I can -, but more because these so-called resolutions finally seem to be irrelevant. And I happen to find my current situation good enough to make these tiny changes (or simply figure out more urgent priorities).

How (in)convenient.

This time, though, things will be different. Instead of lying to myself (and to all of you) by posting a list of decisions I believe I will take, I choose to share five habits I wish I could find a place for in my life – but will obviously not.

Perhaps admitting I will not keep the following resolutions IS a resolution by itself? This could be a start…

1. Empty my online shopping baskets

Plural baskets.

I know I should delete all these virtual wonders, but could I at least keep the Whistles loaffers? And the Topshop knit dress? And the Asos jumper?

2. Get back to sport

And by « sport » I mean any kind of physical activities, walking the stairs included. Too bad the elevator just got repaired.

3. Save money for important things

As in life emergencies (or any other supplies than clothes and chocolate).

4. Read more

Not that I don’t like reading, I love it. But, you know, I’m two series of Sherlock behind and Game of Thrones will premiere soon…

5. Eat more healthy

I’m moving to London mid-january and will probably eat as many Full English Breakfasts and roast dinners as my stomach will permit. At least for the first 11 and a half months.

Bonus one. Stop making lists


 However, the one thing I can swear will increase in 2015, is the amount of writing I will be doing. And that’s a pretty big motivation to work hard for. Stay tuned!

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