Thursday walk

Pictures of London - Columbia road


Walking around and taking photos remains one of my favourite hobbies ever. That, and watching the entire series of Sex and the city from season 1 to 6. My days are pretty filled up as you can see.

Some of you might be surprised by the absence of rain and strong presence of sunrays here. Well, hear the big news : it’s not always raining in London! Actually, I have witnessed more sunny days than rainy ones. Ok, I’ve only been here for three weeks… But still, a girl can hope.

Columbia road & Shoreditch High Street.

Café : Aida – 133 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JE


Pictures of London - Doors

Pictures of London - Walls


Pictures of London - Cat - Doors



Pictures of London - London bus - Barclays bike


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