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New Year’s Eve

  Here in the Alps it is around – 2 °C outside, so you can guess I’ve been very brave taking these photos in the cold (fortunately there’s a fire place waiting for me inside. And a big cup of tea). … I wish you all a happy new year and looots of good things! … Enjoy your night, my best friend and I are off to drink – and

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No snow for Christmas

  Merry Christmas everyone! I have no time to write a post longer than this as my hands are busy grabbing as much yule log as possible, but I do hope you all had a great Christmas eve & day. … Photos : Simon M. Outfit: Jumper – Carhartt / Skirt – Asos / Boots – Next / Clutch – Asos  

Head-to-toe black

  Head-to-toe black is the ultimate chic solution to an « I have nothing to wear » problem. And also a very easy – and personal – way not to spend too much time on choosing clothes after waking up 30 minutes late for work (I swear I didn’t hear my fifth snooze). It also remains a perfect look to go from a day at the office to an evening in a bar

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Last week

  This week is the last one working at my current job. After Friday, I’ll be heading home for the holidays – and be on the train to London faster than I can say it (I won’t share a tear, I promise). I have been enjoying these past eight months so much it is now pretty weird/sad to realize I’m leaving (Ok, I might share a tear actually). But it

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The little black dress

  I promise I will write more in my next post, but right now there’s a huge brunch waiting for me. Have a sweet lazy Sunday everyone! … Photos : Angéline B. Outfit : Coat – Asos / Dress – Asos / Boots – Asos  

Wish List #4

Knitwear and leather, leather and knitwear. All is said. … Bag – Zara / Cardigan – Topshop / Knitted dress – Zara

The knit-knot

… The knit-knot, or how to turn your knit into a knot around your neck (sounds like a tongue twister). I’ve found this great idea – between others – on Camille Charrière’s blog « Camille Over The Rainbow« , and I’ve never looked at my jumpers the same since then. Each knit has now become a potential knot. My different clothes combinations have increased due to this fashion discovery, which also influenced my time spent on choosing an

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Cold days

… It is 8:30 in the morning and maybe 6 degrees outside. I am literally freezing for the good of these photos. I am asking you to be indulgent with my cold facial expressions. I have tried to layer up with as much clothes as possible (hence the dress AND cashmere jumper over it) to face today’s winter weather. And it is actually working. But to tell you the truth, I

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Thigh high boots

… I have been looking for these thigh high boots for ages until I finally find the perfect pair. It was almost as long and treacherous as my quest for the perfect coat. Right before giving up and spending another winter with very cold legs (I admit it would be less expensive to wear pants – but go figure), I found this black suedine pair. It’s exactly what I needed

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Faux fur coat

  Ok, so I have to tell you : before today, I was NOT a faux fur person. Not that I prefered real fur at all (understand me clearly), but I used to think I would look like a French version of Janice from Friends if I wore it. Less of the scrunchie and the annoying voice. But THEN, I virtually bumped into this furry beauty (Asos, I will never thank you enough).

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