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Checks and greys

  Here are some of my early fall inspirations. As you can see, I am kind of obsessed with check prints. Especially on skirts, trousers and coats. I have been in a serious relationship with grey clothes for a while now, but checks are my extra sparkle. And I firmly intend to wear them together all season. x Pauline 1. Coat – River Island 2. Cushion – H&M Home 3. Candle – H&M

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Countryside getaway

  There’s no need to go very far when you want to escape from Paris and its « friendly » atmosphere. A few hours by train and here I go, finding gorgeous landscapes, breathing something else than polluted air and feeling like a member of the Little House on the Prairie‘s cast. With a shorter skirt. And better balance than Carrie Ingalls when running in a field. After such a resting weekend, it is time to head back

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