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Jardin des Tuileries

Just to be clear: I’m not back in Paris for good. I just popped in there for two days before starting work to check how beautiful the city is when you no longer live there.  Homesick, me? Mmh. Between meeting friends and family, I used my tourist spare time to walk in the Jardin des Tuileries on a Saturday morning (which, trust me, DOES NOT happen to actual Parisians) with my

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Winter colours

  Let’s clarify something right now: I will NOT be in New York City this week. Not that I haven’t been invited at all, I am only too busy growing out my fringe and wandering around in leather pants (which requires more attention than you might think). I’m sure Victoria won’t take it personally.  Regarding my translucent hand on the next photo, let’s just say London is not the best place to

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Grey faux fur

  Yes, this grey faux fur coat is as comfy and soft as it looks like. Do I need to say I will probably wear it in the next 5 posts?  I think not. … Photos: Diane S. Outfit: Coat – New Look on Asos / Top – Asos / Skirt – Asos (note to self: try other e-shops. Or at least pretend to) / Shoes – Asos (ok, it’s

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