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Jardin des Tuileries

Just to be clear: I’m not back in Paris for good. I just popped in there for two days before starting work to check how beautiful the city is when you no longer live there.  Homesick, me? Mmh. Between meeting friends and family, I used my tourist spare time to walk in the Jardin des Tuileries on a Saturday morning (which, trust me, DOES NOT happen to actual Parisians) with my

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Last week

  This week is the last one working at my current job. After Friday, I’ll be heading home for the holidays – and be on the train to London faster than I can say it (I won’t share a tear, I promise). I have been enjoying these past eight months so much it is now pretty weird/sad to realize I’m leaving (Ok, I might share a tear actually). But it

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Wish List #4

Knitwear and leather, leather and knitwear. All is said. … Bag – Zara / Cardigan – Topshop / Knitted dress – Zara

The knit-knot

… The knit-knot, or how to turn your knit into a knot around your neck (sounds like a tongue twister). I’ve found this great idea – between others – on Camille Charrière’s blog « Camille Over The Rainbow« , and I’ve never looked at my jumpers the same since then. Each knit has now become a potential knot. My different clothes combinations have increased due to this fashion discovery, which also influenced my time spent on choosing an

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Whistles crush

  I could buy everything from this shop. Men clothes included. (Yes, I tried to make heart shapes out of these silhouettes.) 1. Jumper / 2. Skirt / 3. Top / 4. Coat / 5. Jumper / 6. Dress – ALL WHISTLES.

Mom jeans

  The best thing about wearing my hair tucked in my jumper is that it can instantaneously fix a bad hair day situation without having to fight with straightners. Or with hundreds of pins. And trust me, it makes my day much better (well, at least a little bit better). Regarding my wonderful pair of mom jeans, I must say I hesitated a bit before buying them. I thought they’d

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The quest for the perfect coat

  Summer is over and fall is already upon every girl-that-loves-fashion’s (I promised myself not to use “fashionista”) lips. Whoop whoop! I must say I’m not that disappointed saying au revoir to a really rubbish summer. Plus, I love the autumn. Mostly because I get to choose a new coat (did someone say superficial?). The magical Indian summer plays a big part in my choice of favourite season but, let’s

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