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Denim dress

… Seulement six mois à vivre à Londres et écrire en Français me manque déjà. Il faut dire que cela reste beaucoup plus facile de parler de mode – et de ses péripéties britanniques – dans sa langue maternelle que d’alterner entre linguee et wordreference pour trouver la traduction exacte de « lie-de-vin » et de « sandales lacées façon gladiateur ou nymphe des forêts ». Retour aux sources donc, mais sans passer par

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Lace & suede

… Just another walk in Notting Hill on a casual Tuesday with a plunging lace neckline, you know…  Outfit : Jacket – Topshop / Top – Topshop / Jeans – Monki (old) / Converse on NET-A-PORTER.COM / Bag – Monoprix Photos : Diane S. …

Patent skirt #2

   This is me acting like I’m not totally FREEZING in the London cold. You’d certainly see goose bumps on my arms if you’d zoom. … Photos: Leslie T. Outfit: Jumper – Uniqlo / Skirt – Zara (old) / Shoes – Sarenza / Bag – Zara  

Winter colours

  Let’s clarify something right now: I will NOT be in New York City this week. Not that I haven’t been invited at all, I am only too busy growing out my fringe and wandering around in leather pants (which requires more attention than you might think). I’m sure Victoria won’t take it personally.  Regarding my translucent hand on the next photo, let’s just say London is not the best place to

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Thursday walk

  Walking around and taking photos remains one of my favourite hobbies ever. That, and watching the entire series of Sex and the city from season 1 to 6. My days are pretty filled up as you can see. Some of you might be surprised by the absence of rain and strong presence of sunrays here. Well, hear the big news : it’s not always raining in London! Actually, I have

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Leather pants

  When I decided to move to England, I first thought my daily life would be filled with tea times and biscuits. But after a week accross the sea, I realised cupcakes would be a big part of it too. In one week time, I have already established my headquarters in this too-English-to-be-true Primrose bakery. The waitress doesn’t know my name yet, but I can assure you she will by

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