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Cas d’étude : les lace-ups (ou sandales lacées)

… Lacées, gladiateurs ou spartiates : personne ne s’est encore accordé sur le terme exact mais la définition semble au point. Il s’agit de ces sandales impériales façon Rome antique romantique qui trônent sur les cat-walks depuis septembre 2014 et flirtent avec les mollets depuis les premiers jours du printemps 2015. Une paire insolite qui, si elle est résolument attirante, éveille cependant un certain nombre d’interrogations – et pas des moindres. Comment la porter ?

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  Almost got ran over by a car. Outfit : Skirt – Mango / Jumper – Uniqlo (old) / Boots – Topshop (old) / Jacket – River Island (old) Photos: Diane S.    

Back on track

New job, new city, and a two-month break away from the dear blogosphere. Why so long? Let’s just say I’ve been caught up in crazy London and focusing on discovering my neighbourhood for the good of Stories and me’s next articles (“I have been too busy partying” sounds a bit too desperate – yet true.) I had fun. Loads. But now it is time to get back to my serious

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Faux fur coat

  Ok, so I have to tell you : before today, I was NOT a faux fur person. Not that I prefered real fur at all (understand me clearly), but I used to think I would look like a French version of Janice from Friends if I wore it. Less of the scrunchie and the annoying voice. But THEN, I virtually bumped into this furry beauty (Asos, I will never thank you enough).

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Camel & denim

  I am truly glad for tomorrow’s day off as I want to do nothing but stay in bed and watch series’. Made in Chelsea or The Mindy Project? I might just go for both… Served with milk and cookies obviously. What a thrilling Tuesday ahead! … One more thing : Camel + grey + denim = the perfect outfit equation. … Have a bearable Monday everyone! Photos: Candice L. Outfit

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