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Patent skirt #2

   This is me acting like I’m not totally FREEZING in the London cold. You’d certainly see goose bumps on my arms if you’d zoom. … Photos: Leslie T. Outfit: Jumper – Uniqlo / Skirt – Zara (old) / Shoes – Sarenza / Bag – Zara  

Bon voyage

     Today is my last day in Paris (and I’ve almost finished packing). Tomorrow I’ll be moving to London and getting amazed by every single street, shop, pavement and clean tube station. I am beyond excited about this life change – but I wish I could look three months ahead to check whether everything is alright… or not. L’aventure!, as we say here.  Anyway, you’ll get some news very

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Chalet life

  For these last days of holidays I decided to shoot in an authentic alpine place: Hubert’s chalet. In case you thought it only existed in cheesy holiday movies, people actually do live in these 100% wooden houses (well, in slightly bigger ones than this one). And it is so comfortable & cosy I would bring one in spare parts back to Paris if I could (and had more than

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New Year’s Eve

  Here in the Alps it is around – 2 °C outside, so you can guess I’ve been very brave taking these photos in the cold (fortunately there’s a fire place waiting for me inside. And a big cup of tea). … I wish you all a happy new year and looots of good things! … Enjoy your night, my best friend and I are off to drink – and

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Rainy day

  What more could I hope for than a rainy day to show you my brand new cape? (Ok, I did not need any paticular weather to do so, but what I did need was a good introduction sentence – and a connection to this post’s title). As I said many times, khaki is my favourite colour this season. And this item is so great it even has TWO shades of khaki.

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Last week

  This week is the last one working at my current job. After Friday, I’ll be heading home for the holidays – and be on the train to London faster than I can say it (I won’t share a tear, I promise). I have been enjoying these past eight months so much it is now pretty weird/sad to realize I’m leaving (Ok, I might share a tear actually). But it

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Christmas(ish) jumper

  Christmas (and its holiday spent watching cartoons and eating chocolate papillotes) is coming! Christmas lights are  in the streets and my favourite Christmas jumper is on my shoulders. Ok, I passed on the bright colours. But a monochrome party outfit can be festive as well. Oui, oui, trust me. Anyway, I can’t wait for this year’s massive turkey and soft potatoes. Hungry already. … Photos : Leslie T. Outfit : Jumper –

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The knit-knot

… The knit-knot, or how to turn your knit into a knot around your neck (sounds like a tongue twister). I’ve found this great idea – between others – on Camille Charrière’s blog « Camille Over The Rainbow« , and I’ve never looked at my jumpers the same since then. Each knit has now become a potential knot. My different clothes combinations have increased due to this fashion discovery, which also influenced my time spent on choosing an

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Cold days

… It is 8:30 in the morning and maybe 6 degrees outside. I am literally freezing for the good of these photos. I am asking you to be indulgent with my cold facial expressions. I have tried to layer up with as much clothes as possible (hence the dress AND cashmere jumper over it) to face today’s winter weather. And it is actually working. But to tell you the truth, I

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Weekend favourites

  As much as I am keen on staying in bed and watching movies all weekend – I reckon I’ve made myself pretty clear about that -, I also love walking around in the streets of Paris, and having lunch/brunch/coffee in my favourite places in the city (food, always). After introducing you to Les Chouettes, let me now take you to La Fourmi Ailée. A typical French restaurant decorated with shelves full

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