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Holiday essentials

… Ce soir, je fais mes bagages. Deux semaines de vacances loin de Londres pour tenter de bronzer et profiter de la France. Bordeaux, Biarritz et quelque part au milieu. Les billets sont imprimés depuis trois semaines et seront sûrement oubliés le jour J mais, aujourd’hui, un autre problème m’importe : le contenu de ma valise à roulettes aux mensurations parfaites pour easyJet. « Je préfère emporter trop de tenues pour

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  Almost got ran over by a car. Outfit : Skirt – Mango / Jumper – Uniqlo (old) / Boots – Topshop (old) / Jacket – River Island (old) Photos: Diane S.    


This summer is all about denim. We’ve been warned by every worthy fashion blog, magazine and Instagram account this planet counts, and we know we cannot avoid it. The question now remains: how to pick a nice, chic, elegant – or anything but tacky – denim look without resembling Brit-Brit and Justin back in the 00s? (love you, guys) …denim trends 2015 … Yet I don’t pretend being a mystical oracle

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Blue wave

  I can still remember very well the day I swore to my young 14 year-old self that I would never ever wear any kind of clothes my teachers could pick. Fortunately (or not), I grew up. And I also learned that fashion is an endless circle that was bound to bring Mrs D’s famous denim pencil skirt back – even if it had won by far the « worst item » award at

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Lace & suede

… Just another walk in Notting Hill on a casual Tuesday with a plunging lace neckline, you know…  Outfit : Jacket – Topshop / Top – Topshop / Jeans – Monki (old) / Converse on NET-A-PORTER.COM / Bag – Monoprix Photos : Diane S. …

Back on track

New job, new city, and a two-month break away from the dear blogosphere. Why so long? Let’s just say I’ve been caught up in crazy London and focusing on discovering my neighbourhood for the good of Stories and me’s next articles (“I have been too busy partying” sounds a bit too desperate – yet true.) I had fun. Loads. But now it is time to get back to my serious

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How to dress for Paris Fashion Week (in an afordable way)?

Dear friends, The fashion week is happening right this second in Paris and I know we are all about two things (none of them being « that bass »). 1st: Kim K.’s new blond hair. 2nd: « How the hell can I dress tendance without selling an arm? » Because I have no idea why Mrs proud-mummy-of-North West swiped into the Barbie world before the Balmain show, I will focus on the second point: the outfit. Worry

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Jardin des Tuileries

Just to be clear: I’m not back in Paris for good. I just popped in there for two days before starting work to check how beautiful the city is when you no longer live there.  Homesick, me? Mmh. Between meeting friends and family, I used my tourist spare time to walk in the Jardin des Tuileries on a Saturday morning (which, trust me, DOES NOT happen to actual Parisians) with my

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Suede skirt outfit

   Last Saturday I discovered a bit more about my neighbourhood. My mother and sister were in town so we decided to enjoy the only sunny day we had in four days (thank you London) by going to the Broadway market. I recommend it to anyone who’s around: this is a lovely place to go to (make sure you stop by the Hackney city farm and watch the beautifully feathered

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Winter colours

  Let’s clarify something right now: I will NOT be in New York City this week. Not that I haven’t been invited at all, I am only too busy growing out my fringe and wandering around in leather pants (which requires more attention than you might think). I’m sure Victoria won’t take it personally.  Regarding my translucent hand on the next photo, let’s just say London is not the best place to

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