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Cas d’étude : les lace-ups (ou sandales lacées)

… Lacées, gladiateurs ou spartiates : personne ne s’est encore accordé sur le terme exact mais la définition semble au point. Il s’agit de ces sandales impériales façon Rome antique romantique qui trônent sur les cat-walks depuis septembre 2014 et flirtent avec les mollets depuis les premiers jours du printemps 2015. Une paire insolite qui, si elle est résolument attirante, éveille cependant un certain nombre d’interrogations – et pas des moindres. Comment la porter ?

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Jardin des Tuileries

Just to be clear: I’m not back in Paris for good. I just popped in there for two days before starting work to check how beautiful the city is when you no longer live there.  Homesick, me? Mmh. Between meeting friends and family, I used my tourist spare time to walk in the Jardin des Tuileries on a Saturday morning (which, trust me, DOES NOT happen to actual Parisians) with my

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Suede skirt outfit

   Last Saturday I discovered a bit more about my neighbourhood. My mother and sister were in town so we decided to enjoy the only sunny day we had in four days (thank you London) by going to the Broadway market. I recommend it to anyone who’s around: this is a lovely place to go to (make sure you stop by the Hackney city farm and watch the beautifully feathered

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Patent skirt #2

   This is me acting like I’m not totally FREEZING in the London cold. You’d certainly see goose bumps on my arms if you’d zoom. … Photos: Leslie T. Outfit: Jumper – Uniqlo / Skirt – Zara (old) / Shoes – Sarenza / Bag – Zara  

Winter colours

  Let’s clarify something right now: I will NOT be in New York City this week. Not that I haven’t been invited at all, I am only too busy growing out my fringe and wandering around in leather pants (which requires more attention than you might think). I’m sure Victoria won’t take it personally.  Regarding my translucent hand on the next photo, let’s just say London is not the best place to

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Grey faux fur

  Yes, this grey faux fur coat is as comfy and soft as it looks like. Do I need to say I will probably wear it in the next 5 posts?  I think not. … Photos: Diane S. Outfit: Coat – New Look on Asos / Top – Asos / Skirt – Asos (note to self: try other e-shops. Or at least pretend to) / Shoes – Asos (ok, it’s

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Leather pants

  When I decided to move to England, I first thought my daily life would be filled with tea times and biscuits. But after a week accross the sea, I realised cupcakes would be a big part of it too. In one week time, I have already established my headquarters in this too-English-to-be-true Primrose bakery. The waitress doesn’t know my name yet, but I can assure you she will by

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Bon voyage

     Today is my last day in Paris (and I’ve almost finished packing). Tomorrow I’ll be moving to London and getting amazed by every single street, shop, pavement and clean tube station. I am beyond excited about this life change – but I wish I could look three months ahead to check whether everything is alright… or not. L’aventure!, as we say here.  Anyway, you’ll get some news very

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Chalet life

  For these last days of holidays I decided to shoot in an authentic alpine place: Hubert’s chalet. In case you thought it only existed in cheesy holiday movies, people actually do live in these 100% wooden houses (well, in slightly bigger ones than this one). And it is so comfortable & cosy I would bring one in spare parts back to Paris if I could (and had more than

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Rainy day

  What more could I hope for than a rainy day to show you my brand new cape? (Ok, I did not need any paticular weather to do so, but what I did need was a good introduction sentence – and a connection to this post’s title). As I said many times, khaki is my favourite colour this season. And this item is so great it even has TWO shades of khaki.

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